Building the political will to end preventable deaths from tuberculosis

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Article 25 combines digital and face-to-face organizing to solve the global health crisis.

It serves as an organizing hub for the global movement for health justice by:

  • Sharing campaign best practices

  • Providing community organizing support and training

  • Strengthening South-to-South advocacy networks

  • Launching collaborative campaigns

300,000 preventable deaths a year

Every year 300,000 people in India die from tuberculosis. Ending these deaths is a question of political will. Other countries have almost eliminated all deaths from the disease by implementing a health care framework that prevents the spread of the disease and treats TB sufferers.

Article 25 decided to build the political will to end the TB crisis by helping tuberculosis survivors and public health activists recruit and mobilize supporters, earn media coverage, and pressure public health and elected officials to change the way the country treats tuberculosis.

Research & training

We started off by conducting original research into the work of Jhatkaa, Haiyya,, and in India.

We then assessed the strengths and opportunities for Article 25 and their organizational partners in India.

PowerLabs used the research and assessment to create a training program and a campaign brief for the Article 25 team. We also provided strategic consultations throughout the campaign on topics including digital infrastructure, messaging, earned media, online advertising, and navigating coalitions.

7,000 people online & 750 in the streets leads to nationwide media coverage

Article 25 recruited Prabha Mahesh, a public health worker and a tuberculosis survivor, to be the spokesperson and leader of a petition campaign to stop deaths from TB.

Over 7,000 people signed her petition in 20 days. The petition created a visible example of public support for the campaign that helped to pressure decision-makers and provided a hook for news coverage. The petition also created a base of people that could be moved up the ladder of engagement.

Article 25 then worked with community leaders and people recruited through the petition to organize a day of action with events in five cities, including meetings with local public health officials and elected representatives. The day of action received widespread media attention, including interviews with activists broadcast on national television.

Overall, the campaign reached more than 423,000 people online, recruited a new supporter base of 7,000 people for Article 25, and mobilized 750 people to take action offline.

Working with PowerLabs on one of our first campaigns is by far one of the best decisions we made.

As a nonprofit startup building a global movement, we don't have funds or time to waste. Every investment needs to not only produce results now but also help us build capacity for the future.

They're incredible coaches who rapidly improved our team's knowledge and capacity to carry out this work even better in the future — something truly rare among other companies in this space.

Ankur Asthana, co-founder Article 25

— Ankur Asthana, Co-Founder, Article 25

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