Facebook-Optimized Videos for Organizers


This webinar was recorded in October 2017.

We now live in a time when (almost) anyone with a smartphone and a wifi connection can film a moment and get it in front of 100,000+ people on social media.

Organizations are taking advantage of Facebook’s autoplay video feature to tell stories, build a collective identity for supporters and inspire people to take bold action.

Watch this webinar recording to learn how organizers are using short Facebook-optimized videos to mobilize audiences. You’ll learn the secret formula for creating videos that get watched and shared. You'll also pick up the skills needed to film, edit, and launch your videos on Facebook and other platforms.


Yash Mori’s expertise is in how to get digital storytelling projects published and promoted widely in a timely manner. 

Yash is a seasoned organizer whose body of work is been focused on uplifting the passionate and inspiring stories of grassroots leaders for the likes of United We Dream, the Alliance for Citizenship, the Latin American Coalition, UNITE HERE, Netroots Nation, and more.

See examples of Yash’s video work.