Turning Facebook Likes to Offline Wins


Watch this webinar recording to learn a model for moving people from Facebook to offline action via petitions, emails, texting and campaign calls.

Katie Alexander of the Tennessee Justice Center shares how they used a few thousand dollars in Facebook ads and campaign calls to create a movement to expand Medicaid in Tennessee.

Janna Zinzi of Forward Together shares how they tested campaign messaging with a small spend on Facebook ads. She also shares how Forward Together used petitions and text messaging to grow their base of support and drive offline action to win new sex ed legislation in California.


Katie Alexander is the Field Director at the Tennessee Justice Center, a small non-profit law firm that helps Tennesseans access health care coverage. Originally from New York state, Katie got her degree in Literature and the African Diaspora at American University in DC, and then moved down to Nashville.

For the past year, Katie has been working with grassroots activists from across the state to push for Insure Tennessee, Tennessee’s version of Medicaid Expansion. She is passionate about education and engagement around issues of health care coverage.

Janna A. Zinzi is the Media Relations Manager at Forward Together. Previously she was the Digital Organizer at Forward Together where she was responsible for coordinating online campaigns and engaging their audiences to take action, particularly through email and social media.

She has an extensive background in strategic communications including public relations, social media strategy, and promotional writing. Since 2007, Janna has been doing communications work for reproductive health and justice organizations including the Guttmacher Institute, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice and National Advocates for Pregnant Women.

She also has contributed to a variety of progressive and feminist blogs including Rewire, AlterNet, Feministing and Racialicious. When she’s not on the internet, you can find Janna dancing or traveling or both.