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 Done. I will remove you from updates about the online course.

I don’t love Facebook ads myself, TBH.

But they are just so effective that I want other people to learn how to use them too.

These recent stories from the PowerLabs newsletter might be more up your alley.

— Randall

🌅 The success of the Sunrise Movement is not the result of chance, but of the meticulous planning of young leaders disappointed by the leadership of the political establishment in a time of immense need.

Watch this webinar replay to learn how the organization came into being, as well as how their campaigns are grounded in lessons learned from past social movements.

Read an analysis of what makes Sunrise’s public engagement and movement-building tactics effective.

📱We've found that response rates in Facebook Messenger are 8x more effective than asks via email.

Learn how Sunrise and Cosecha are using Facebook Messenger to drive calls to legislators, turn people out for events and more.

Read this post to see example Messenger broadcasts from Cosecha and learn how they are recruiting Spanish-speaking moms and grandmas to participate in a campaign for driver's licenses for all.

⚽ Build better volunteer teams

We recently worked with Free Press to build a people-powered movement to save the free and open internet. Part of that project is figuring out how to create the most effective volunteer teams.

These are our top three reads on teams.