Medium: A place for philanthropy to find your audience, move ideas, and move people


This webinar was recorded in October 2016.

Medium is quickly becoming the place where people in philanthropy come together to publish, converse, and engage.

It's where Chris Stone of Open Society Foundations wrote about parallels between the war in Syria and the killings of Black people by the police in the U.S

Farhad Ebrahimi of the Chorus Foundation used the platform to share what he's learned after a decade of climate funding

Leah Hunt-Hendrix of Solidaire and Jee Kim of the Ford Foundation hosted a forum on Medium to discuss how philanthropy should address the inequality of which it is a symptom.

Watch this webinar recording with Ariel Azoff, head of social impact at Medium, to learn how philanthropy can make the most of the platform. In this exclusive PowerLabs webinar, Ariel shares the little-known tactics and tips to get your message read, discussed, and spread.

Want to learn more? These six posts are the best resources that I know of.

Medium also has a great help center with answers to frequently asked questions.