Randall Smith

Randall Smith Founder PowerLabs

Randall Smith helps organizers design and build people-powered campaigns.

He specializes in training, coaching and strategic planning support to build the capacity of organizations, leaders and networks.

Previously, he provided strategic support to user-generated campaigns on Change.org's platform. His work at Change.org helped people win life-changing (and life-saving) victories including freeing loved ones from prison and changing the policies that govern lung transplants for kids.

Prior to Change.org, he directed the digital program at Corporate Accountability, a global NGO that protects people and the environment from corporate abuses.

Randall has also worked as a direct action trainer during the alter-globalization movement, a tenant organizer, and the operations director of an immigrant-led human rights organization in southern Arizona.

Randall is also a Campaign Bootcamp mentor, a Momentum trainer, and a member of the Article 25 and EmbraceRace advisory boards. 

He has also spoken or trained at Netroots Nation, RootsCamp, CampaignCon, Money for Our Movements and many other events. 

Get in touch with him at randall@powerlabs.io.

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