Schedule your kick-off call with Randall & Dara


Congratulations on being chosen for the Four Freedoms Fund capacity building project.

We're looking forward to working with you to increase your organization's ability to raise funds and engage members.

This project includes:

  • review of campaign, fundraising and digital plans,
  • 90-minute kick-off meeting, and 
  • six hours of coaching.

PowerLabs has expertise in:

  • online and offline individual donor fundraising,
  • email, web and social media strategy,
  • recruiting new supporters via online ads, partnerships, petitions and other actions
  • recruiting new supporters online and moving them to offline action,
  • amplifying direct actions on social media,
  • broadcast and peer-to-peer text messaging, and
  • other areas at the intersection of mobilizing, organizing, communications, fundraising and technology.

Please schedule a 90 minute kick-off meeting below. You will receive a calendar invite with a link to a Zoom call.

Please send us the following materials at least 72 hours prior to the call.

  • Link to website and microsites (if any)
  • Links to social media accounts
  • Email calendar (if available)
  • Example emails 
  • Email metrics -- If you track metrics in a spreadsheet please share that doc with us. You can also give us access to your email tool. Please use One Time Secret to share the account credentials.
  • Donor thank you letter
  • Recent grant proposal
  • Fundraising committee notes (if available)
  • Last year’s budget
  • Current year budget
  • Breakdown of fundraising sources
  • Campaign plans
  • Any additional materials that you think would help us to understand your organization and organizational needs. It's better to send us too much information than not enough. 

If you don't have any of the above materials available to share, that's ok. 

Please send all materials to Randall at