Team Internet: What We Learned Organizing to Save Net Neutrality


In 2017 Net Neutrality was under attack. In response, Team Internet — a volunteer network of activists run by Demand Progress, Fight for the Future and Free Press Action Fund — adopted distributed organizing tactics to meet threats to the open internet head on.

In the 11 months since a day of action in July 2017, Team Internet volunteers drove:
📧 16,501,391 emails to Congress
☎️ 1,591,411 phone calls to Congress
📱 537,542 messages sent to Congress via text

The volunteers have also organized over 700 protests on a single day and over 600 IRL contacts with members of Congress or their staff. 

Watch this webinar recording to learn how the Team Internet coalition:

  • Provided support for volunteers

  • Used peer-to-peer texting to turn people out for over 1,300 events

  • Centered race in the campaign

Learn more about Team Internet and get connected to the campaign to save net neutrality here. If your organization would like to partner with Team Internet, get in touch with Brandon at


Alison Brzenchek is a Campaign Organizer and Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow with Free Press Action Fund. Alison collaborates with the communications, advocacy and policy staff to engage activists and conduct campaign research.

Mary Alice Crim is the Field Director with Free Press Action Fund. Mary Alice directs Free Press’ field efforts and participates in ongoing campaign and policy initiatives through organizing and public-education activities.

Brandon Forester is an Organizer with Free Press Action Fund. Brandon works with Free Press allies and activists to help empower people in their own communities to fight for a fair and open internet for all.


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