Don't wait until a crisis hits: Get your organization ready for a rapid response campaign


News breaks on a critical issue or campaign you work on — what do you do?

Watch this recorded webinar with Nicole Carty of PowerLabs and Matt Hirschy of Equality North Carolina to learn the ins and outs of rapid-response campaigning. 

You'll get the inside story of Equality North Carolina's powerful rapid response campaign against the dangerous anti-LGBTQ legislation in the state. 

You'll also learn the steps to integrate rapid-response infrastructure into your workflow so next time major news breaks in your issue area you’ll be ready.


Nicole Carty is a Director with PowerLabs where she focuses on online to offline mobilization and creating structures and processes to support volunteer-led teams.

Prior to PowerLabs, Nicole was a Campaign Manager at SumOfUs where she ran campaigns to bring equitable policies to the tech industry, served as a communications specialist, and implemented internal anti-oppressive organizational structures.

Matt Hirschy is an award-winning community advocate and campaign veteran who specializes in rapid-response campaigning, relationship management and resource generation.

He currently serves on senior staff at Equality NC where he helped lead the fight against HB2, RFRA and other anti-LGBTQ issues. He's served Fortune 500 clients, US Senate and Presidential campaigns and on various civic and nonprofit boards. 


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